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Feb 6, 2017

Power Systems Design for Wearables: Life’s No PMIC – Q&A with Silego Technology

By Anne Fisher, Managing Editor at EECatalog.
Considering an approach to power management that could re-invigorate wearables.

Editor’s note: In late 2016, Silego Technology announced a major expansion of its Configurable Mixed-signal IC family to include power management. With this announcement, designers can create “Flexible Power Islands” to slay the frustration of lengthening battery life for portable devices such as handhelds and wearables. Nathan John and Mike Noonen spoke with EECatalog not long after the announcement. John and Noonen are the company’s Marketing Director, Mixed-signal Matrix Products and WW VP Sales and Business Development, respectively. Edited excerpts from the conversation follow at EECatalog.