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Feb 16, 2017

Join the Next Mod the Future Hackathon, March 11-12 in Schenzhen

Sponsored by Silego.

This year Moto released its brand new Moto Z + Moto ModsTM allowing you to transform your phone in a snap. Each Moto Mod is built on the new Moto ModsTM Development Kit which gets hackers and makers closer than you’ve ever been to the phone of your dreams. Bring your great ideas to the hackathon, use the Moto ModsTM Dev kits and win amazing prizes and opportunities. The best part? Moto has partnered with Lenovo Capital. Build something really amazing, and you may just get the chance to get some investment. Up to $1 million.

The Challenge:

Create the most market ready Moto Mod possible. It could literally be ANYTHING. Need some ideas? Here’s the winners from our past events for inspiration:

Modio - The Moto Z transforms to be able to use headphones, record line in audio, and seamlessly modify an audio stream to have EQ, filters, and other audio effects.

SidePad - A gamepad that’s great to use and easy to hide away. The Moto Mod for true gamers!

Modcoholic - A breathalyzer mod that can alert a designated contact and call an Uber for someone too impaired to drive.