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Jun 15, 2017

Build a Flyback-Based Geiger Counter with LabVIEW Interface

Implementing standard UART communication required use of Silego’s GreenPAK analog and digital blocks, with the end result being a Geiger counter that offers real-time radiation measurement.

This article discusses radiation particles and gives a summary of their effects. We will create a Geiger counter circuit based on the flyback circuit that was the focus of the article “Take A Flier on the Flyback for Your High-Voltage Circuit Design”, and will interpret the data with a LabVIEW graphical user interface. Also discussed is how the Silego GreenPAK, a configurable mixed-signal IC (CMIC), can be used to implement all analog and digital functionality to drive a high-voltage Geiger tube, count the discharge events, and communicate with a personal computer via LabVIEW.

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