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Jun 22, 2017

USB-C power splitter/switch is 130-V surge-protected & 28-V tolerant

Mixed-signal IC maker Silego – most often featured here for its configurable analogue/small-logic-function parts – has added a part that steps up levels of robustness for system protection when that systems is equipped with USB type C interfaces. It combines two high-performance, low on-resistance n-channel FETs and fast over-voltage protection to make a very robust single-input, dual-output power splitter.

The specific targets Silego had in mind when developing the SLG59H1302C, are mid- and high-end smartphones and tablet PCs. Any integrated circuit (IC) product designed for consumer electronics and operating in the vicinity of edge connectors must be tolerant of electrical surges and abuses caused by an incorrect application of power adapters. In these applications, system-level, over-voltage protection (OVP) has become a standard requirement.

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