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Oct 2, 2017

Silego and efabless Announce Go Configure Design Challenge Series

Challenge Demonstrates the Future of Mixed-signal Design with Over $15,000 in Prizes.

Santa Clara, California - October 2, 2017 - Electronic design is evolving rapidly with configurability and open source being two of the most powerful megatrends. Silego Technology Inc. (“Silego”), the pioneer and leader of Configurable Mixed-signal ICs (“CMICs”), and efabless, the world’s first marketplace and platform for community engineered electronics, are partnering up to launch a design series that will demonstrate the future of mixed-signal design and design communities.

The “Go Configure Design Challenge Series” is the first of its kind to allow a global community of designers to implement widely used functions using GreenPAKTM CMICs and its intuitive drag-and-drop software GUI. The efabless platform will serve as the crowd source design platform on which the CMIC hardware designs will be submitted. This design challenge is intended to be the first step in establishing a future marketplace for innovators and their designs.

Lucio Lanza, Managing Director of Lanza techVentures stated, “The future IoT network, consisting of billions of connections, will be realized through easily configurable semiconductors and a creative and powerful analog design community. The design community will be connected via efabless, and Silego will provide the Configurable Mixed-signal IC technology.”

Mike Wishart, CEO of efabless commented, “We are excited to partner with Silego on the Go Configure Design Challenge Series - a first of its kind. Silego’s configurable ICs make analog integration fast, flexible and easy. We connect a global community to simplify hardware creation and open to everyone. It’s a great match and the Challenge will be a great forum to show the future of electronics creation."

Mike Noonen, Silego’s VP of WW Sales and Business Development explained, “With this Challenge, we are looking to achieve four goals: first, establish that crowdsourced hardware designs can be successful; second, create awareness for the efabless platform; third, teach more people about CMICs; and last but not least, have fun. Silego is thrilled to partner with the inventive and imaginative efabless team”.

The “Go Configure Challenge Series” consists of 10 separate designs based on 10 commonly used functions. Two challenges will be announced every two weeks until November 27th. Contestants will be given two weeks to submit their designs through the efabless platform and winners will be announced monthly. Rewards will include Amazon gift cards and the latest high tech products. Along the way, participants will learn how Silego GreenPAKs and the efabless community engineering platform and marketplace can empower them to meet customer needs by creating custom ICs that are ready for mass production in weeks. Successful designer participants will also attain Silego certification and recognition of their achievements throughout the community.


  • All participants will receive GreenPAK development kits and cool Silego swag
  • Design challenge winners will receive Amazon gift cards and a choice of various electronic prizes including smartwatches, bluetooth speakers and wireless earbuds
  • The best overall design of the Go Configure Design Series will win an Apple 12-inch Macbook or Microsoft Surface
  • All design challenge category winners will be entered into a drawing for an Apple Homepod
  • Participants who submit several designs demonstrating high proficiency in CMIC design will receive Silego certification and a chance to become a Silego Design Partner

The Go Configure Design Challenge Series will run from October 2nd to Dec 11th. Challenges are open to all engineers who want to learn a better way to design mixed-signal circuits and win some prizes while doing it.

To learn more and register for the design challenges, please visit

About Silego – The Configurable Mixed-signal Integrated Circuit Company.

Silego Technology is the pioneer of Configurable Mixed-signal Integrated Circuits (CMICs), a technology which has created a paradigm shift in the way that hardware engineers design. Silego’s CMICs integrate analog, digital logic, and power functions while eliminating passive and discrete components. CMICs enable designers to cost-effectively bring their hardware products to market faster, with lower power and with greater design flexibility. Silego’s scalable CMIC platform comprise configurable ICs, proprietary design software and development kits.

Silego Technology is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA.

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About efabless – The Community Engineering Company. is the world’s first community engineering platform for electronics solutions. efabless’s mission is to simplify the process of electronics creation and open it to everyone. efabless connects a global community of hardware developers with customers and enables them with processes, resources and a unique community-centric marketplace to develop and commercialize smart products. Intellectual property and financial interests of all participants in the value chain are protected at all times. efabless’s business model is revenue sharing among efabless and its community. efabless currently supports the design and marketing of IPs, ICs and soft designs for configurable ICs.

efabless is headquartered in San Jose, CA

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