Application Notes

AN-1080 GreenPAK4 Pulse Induction metal detector-security wand

Metal detection is finding increasing importance for proximity detection, security, industrial automation, locators, and treasure finders. The design presented is a pulse induction (PI), single coil design implemented with a single GreenPAK4 IC. PI designs have the advantage of tolerance to ground effects, and work even when submerged in water. It also performs well on non-ferrous metals. Presented is a new circuit design example which uses an analog comparator, digital timing vernier, and digital averaging to provide an LED bar display and audio indication.



Proximity Detection, Security, Industrial Automation, Locator, Treasure Finder, Metal Detector, Pulse Induction. PI, Digital Averaging, Security Wand, Timing Vernier, Schematic, Search Coil

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