AN-1131 8 Channel Digital Input Data Acquisition Card using LABVIEW

Data acquisition (DAQ) hardware acts as the interface between a computer and external signals, and has many industrial applications. This application note shows how Digital data is transferred from GreenPAK4 SLG46620V to a computer and received by LabVIEW VI. An interface is established between LabVIEW and GreenPAK4 SLG46620V by using a USB to TTL module (FT232RL). After establishing the serial interface, digital data received is indicated by 8 “LED’s” in a LabVIEW GUI that are displayed ON/OFF. Featuring 8 Digital input channels, this DAQ using GreenPAK4 SLG46620V can be completed for less than $10, which is efficient, low cost, and compact.


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