AN-1132 8 Channel Digital Output Data Acquisition card using LABVIEW

Data acquisition (DAQ) hardware acts as the interface between a computer and external signals. It transfers data (Digital and Analog) to and from a computer to devices installed in the field. DAQ cards are of fundamental importance for industrial, research and development, and many other applications. This application note shows how Digital data is transferred from a computer (using LabVIEW) to a GreenPAK4 SLG46620V, which then drives relays with 220VAC / 10A contact rating. Featuring 8 Digital Output channels, this DAQ using GreenPAK4 SLG46620V can be completed for less than $10, which is efficient and low cost. Also shown is an interface established between LabVIEW and GreenPAK4 SLG46620V by using a USB to TTL module (FT232RL). 8 relays are controlled via the LabVIEW GUI. The small size of GreenPAK4 SLG46620V provides a portable solution for DAQ cards.


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