AN-1134 Drawing Characters on an Android App and Displaying it on LED Matrix

This Application Note describes the circuit used to go from drawing a character on an Android App, sending it to an Arduino UNO via Bluetooth, then to a GreenPAK5 via I2C which fits data to display the character on a LED matrix. Using the GreenPAK frees up the necessary Arduino GPIO’s so that Bluetooth can be used, along with leaving GPIO’s available for other purposes. Additional benefits of GreenPAK include the I2C protocol needing just 2 wires to control, for up to 16 GreenPAK5 from one I2C master. So if we want to connect more than one LED matrix to the Arduino UNO, using multiple GreenPAK’s is a much more economical design. And once the GreenPAK is loaded with a character, it can work independently even if the I2C connection is disconnected.


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