AN-1135 Improving Gas Valve Safety Compliance with GreenPAK

Programmable Electronic based controls typically incorporate capability to accomplish safety functions. In the EU for example, compliance to IEC 60730 and IEC 61508 functional safety standards are mandatory. It even covers possible hazards caused by the malfunction of the safety mechanism itself. Though many MCUs in the market have class B category software mandated by IEC 60730 (to monitor failure of the MCU), there is a need for some use cases to have a double check mechanism for more reliability. For instance, consider the opening and closing operation of the gas valve actuator in a boiler. If the MCU controlling it fails, things could be catastrophic. This App note demonstrates the capability of the Silego SLG46531V to safely drive five output pins on which critical actuators are connected. The SLG46531V monitors a “heartbeat” signal to decide the stability of the MCU.


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