AN-1157 Adding Security to 433MHz Wireless Communication

The industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) radio bands are an unlicensed part of radio frequency spectrum used for general data communications. Among the devices operating in these 433.92/868.35 MHz bands are Wireless doorbells, garage door openers, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. Wireless interface modules for ISM band are low cost and widely available. But despite their broad use, most do not incorporate security protection. This is becoming increasingly important with the growing use of IOT and home automation. In this application note, we present how to transmit signals securely by adding pseudo random coding when using low-cost transmitter and receiver modules.

The GreenPAK SLG46120V CMIC is used to generate data coding while GreenPAK SLG46722V performs decoding. Typical issues such as noise with the regular wireless systems will be pointed out.


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