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GreenPAK 2 Programmable Mixed-signal Matrix

GreenPAK2 Development Tools GreenPAK 2 Designer Introduction GreenPAK 2 Logic Cells Overview GreenPAK 2 Development Kit
GreenPAK 2 Tools
GreenPAK 2 Designer Introduction
GreenPAK 2 Logic Cells Overview
GreenPAK 2 Development Kit

The GreenPAK 2 SLG46400 Rev B is Silego's second generation GreenPAK product and is a one-time programmable Mixed-signal Matrix and comes in a small 2.5 x 2.5 mm TDFN-12 package. The GreenPAK 2 operates at a 1.8 V to 5 V voltage range and provides a small, low power component for commonly used mixed-signal functions. The user creates their circuit design by programming the one time Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) to configure interconnect logic, I/O Pins and macro cells of the SLG46400. This highly versatile device allows a wide variety of mixed-signal functions to be designed within a very small, low power single integrated circuit.

Part Number Description Voltage Package Status Dev. Kit Datasheet
SLG46400V Rev B* Programmable Mixed-signal Matrix 1.8 V - 5.0V TDFN-12 (2.5 x 2.5 mm) Not for New Design Contact Silego pdf

*Not recommended for new designs

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