GreenPAK1-4 Designer 4.03.003: Windows XP/Vista/7/8.1
GreenPAK1-4 Designer 4.03.003: MacOSX
GreenPAK1-4 Designer 4.03.003: Linux  

Minimum System Requirements for Silego GreenPAK Designer
CPU: 1800MHz
RAM: 512MB
Graphics RAM: 128MB
Free Hard Disk Space: 100MB
Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8.1 (x86, x64), MAC OS X (v10.5) or Ubuntu 12.04

GreenPAK Designer User Guide

Quality Documentation

RoHS Documentation
ISO Certificate
Conflict Materials Policy
NVM Reliability Report
UL Certificate (SLG55544, SLG55546, SLGC55544, SLGC55546)
QC2.0 Certificate (SLG4LC4480V)
CB Certificate (SLG55544, SLG55546, SLGC55544, SLGC55546)
CB Test Report (SLG55546)

GreenPAK Docs & Examples

Battery Charger - GP1
SPI Current Regulator - GP1
DC Fan Controller - GP1
Frequency Divider - GP1
Hall Effect Driver - GP1
LED Driver - GP2
LED Soft ON - GP1
LED Soft ON/OFF - GP1 / GP2
Li-Ion Battery Charger - GP2
One Way Level Shifter - GP1
Optical Encoder - GP1
Step Motor Controller - GP1
TEC Controller - GP1
Voltage Monitor - GP1 / GP2
Reset IC - GP2
Voltage Controlled PWM - GP2
Counter With Clock Enable - GP2

Technical Documentation

Application Notes
Application Notes: Author Guidelines

GreenPAK Videos

GreenPAK1 Designer Introduction (Youtube) / (zip)
GreenPAK Designer Introduction - Chinese (Youtube) / (zip)
GreenPAK Designer Introduction - Japanese (Youtube) / (zip)
GreenPAK Cells Overview (Youtube) / (avi download)
GreenPAK Cells Overview - Chinese (zip)
GreenPAK Cells Overview - Japanese (Youtube) / (zip)
GreenPAK Development Tool (Youtube) / (zip)
GreenPAK Development Tool - Chinese (zip)
GreenPAK Development Tool S & L Training (Youtube) / (zip)
GreenPAK Development Tool S & L Training - Chinese (zip)
GreenPAK2 Tools Intro (Youtube) / (zip)
GreenPAK2 Designer Introduction (Youtube) / (zip)
GreenPAK2 Logic Cells Overview (Youtube) / (zip)
GreenPAK2 Development Kit (Youtube) / (zip)
SLG46721 and SLG46722 Introduction (Youtube)

Design Libraries

PCB Libraries

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