GreenPAK1-3 Designer 3.00.28: Windows XP/Vista/7/8.1
GreenPAK1-3 Designer 3.00.28: MacOSX
GreenPAK1-3 Designer 3.00.28: Linux

Minimum System Requirements for Silego GreenPAK Designer
CPU: 1800MHz
RAM: 512MB
Graphics RAM: 128MB
Free Hard Disk Space: 100MB
Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8.1 (x86, x64), MAC OS X (v10.5) or Ubuntu 12.04

GreenPAK Designer User Guide

Silego Oscilloscope Software v53
The Silego Oscilloscope is designed to operate with our GPAK kits connected directly to a built in adapter as a real time tool to help develop and cleanly debug PAK projects. The adapter eliminates the hassle of wires while allowing the user 4 real time channels over USB. It is extremely useful for PAK development and operates as a functional oscilloscope. While it can be used as general purpose tool, Silego only supports this product when it is being actively used to design in PAK chips otherwise we’d charge 2 or 3x the current price

Quality Documentation

RoHS Documentation
ISO Certificate
Conflict Materials Policy
NVM Reliability Report
UL Certificate (SLG55544, SLG55546, SLGC55544, SLGC55546)
QC2.0 Certificate (SLG4LC4480V)

GreenPAK Docs & Examples

Battery Charger - GP1
SPI Current Regulator - GP1
DC Fan Controller - GP1
Frequency Divider - GP1
Hall Effect Driver - GP1
LED Driver - GP2
LED Soft ON - GP1
LED Soft ON/OFF - GP1 / GP2
Li-Ion Battery Charger - GP2
One Way Level Shifter - GP1
Optical Encoder - GP1
Step Motor Controller - GP1
TEC Controller - GP1
Voltage Monitor - GP1 / GP2
Reset IC - GP2
Voltage Controlled PWM - GP2
Counter With Clock Enable - GP2

Technical Documentation

Application Notes
Application Notes: Author Guidelines

GreenPAK Videos

GreenPAK1 Designer Introduction (Youtube) / (zip)
GreenPAK Designer Introduction - Chinese (Youtube) / (zip)
GreenPAK Designer Introduction - Japanese (Youtube) / (zip)
GreenPAK Cells Overview (Youtube) / (avi download)
GreenPAK Cells Overview - Chinese (zip)
GreenPAK Cells Overview - Japanese (Youtube) / (zip)
GreenPAK Development Tool (Youtube) / (zip)
GreenPAK Development Tool - Chinese (zip)
GreenPAK Development Tool S & L Training (Youtube) / (zip)
GreenPAK Development Tool S & L Training - Chinese (zip)
GreenPAK2 Tools Intro (Youtube) / (zip)
GreenPAK2 Designer Introduction (Youtube) / (zip)
GreenPAK2 Logic Cells Overview (Youtube) / (zip)
GreenPAK2 Development Kit (Youtube) / (zip)
SLG46721 and SLG46722 Introduction (Youtube)

Design Libraries

PCB Libraries

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