April 2017
GreenPAK Benefits for Keypad Scanning
Using a microcontroller (MCU) or system on chip (SoC) to scan a keypad is a less than ideal solution for human input. It often makes sense to offload keypad scanning to a dedicated IC to reduce the power and input/output burden on larger, less efficient, and more expensive devices. Using GreenPAK™ as a keypad scanner provides a flexible, reliable solution that won’t kill your power budget or your bill of materials cost.
GreenPAK’s development platform enables innovators to integrate many system functions into a tiny, cost-effective customized IC that can be prototyped in minutes and ready for mass production in weeks. Learn more about the development platform and our new through-hole adaptor tools.
Cycle stealing is the preferred method of control for high-power electrical loads where the load response is slow compared to the AC line frequency. This technique eliminates electromagnetic interference and power loss generated by switching. It also increases system reliability by reducing electrical stress on power switches. Learn more about cycle stealing and how to implement a cycle stealing control system in GreenPAK.
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Fast switching can create power supply droop, noise-coupling and harmful transients. This is especially true for motor control where large inductances exist and a high inrush-current may be present. In this application note, we will show how power supply droop and transient coupling can be prevented using the Silego SLG59H1012V HFET load switch and its programmable output slew control.
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Adding Security to 433MHz Wireless Communication
The industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) radio bands are an unlicensed part of radio frequency spectrum used for general data communications. Among the devices operating in these 433.92/868.35 MHz bands are wireless doorbells, garage door openers, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Though security is becoming increasingly important with the growing use of Internet of Things (IoT) and home automation, widely used wireless interface modules for the ISM band do not incorporate security protection. In this application note, we will enable secure signal transmission between low cost transmitter and receiver modules by adding pseudo random coding. The GreenPAK SLG46120V will be used to generate data coding while SLG46722V will be responsible for decoding.

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Training & Events

Live Webinar

Lighting Control Made Simple with CMICs

Learn how Configurable mixed-signal ICs (CMICs) can be used in common lighting applications (Solar powered smart street lights, LED dimmers, etc.) and how their configurable platform enable cheaper more feature rich lighting devices.

Max (The Magnificent) Maxfield | Editorial Director, Embedded.com, AspenCore
May 4th Boston, USA

This talk will discuss design decisions for Max’s Bodacious Brain project using Silego’s GreenPAK Configurable mixed-signal ICs.

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June 28
IoT5: Solving IoT Cost, Size, and Power Headaches, Evolving Designs with Configurable Mixed-Signal Devices
Speaker: David Chow, Application Engineer

Attendees will learn how to reduce development time and cost through the use of configurable mixed-signal devices. Understand how to optimize an IoT solution when faced with a multitude of sensor, connectivity and power options.

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