August / September 2016

Silego Technology announced shipping two billion units since its introduction of the pioneering Configurable Mixed-signal ICs (CMICs). In just two years since Silego Technology announced shipment of its billionth unit, Silego has more than doubled its total volume shipped.
Silego created not only the world’s first family of Configurable Mixed-signal ICs but also enabled a paradigm shift for designers. Reaching this significant milestone is validation of the Configurable Mixed-signal IC category and a demonstration of how eagerly customers have embraced this new approach to mixed-signal design for volume applications.
Product News
New Addition to HFET™1 Product Family
SLG59H1009V - a 4.8 mm² power control switch with pin-selectable VIN overvoltage protection, internal nFET SOA protection, IDS current-monitor output, and is UL2367 Certified. 
Silego in the Press
Smaller with Better Thermal Management
Silego recently announced an expansion of its state-of-the-art portfolio with a new family of high-performance GreenFET™3 integrated power switches, delivering a smaller footprint and improved thermal performance. In the linked article, Adolfo A. Garcia, Director - Power Control & Distribution at Silego, highlights the key features of these new power switches and explains what their plans are for continued growth in this particular application area.
Featured Independent Design House
Edaxi provides consulting and engineering services for embedded systems based on microcontrollers, SoC and other programmable logic. Since December 2013, Edaxi is Silego design partner in Germany.
Design Support
GreenPAK™ 5 Development Kit Now Includes SLG46533V Samples
Like other devices in the GPAK™ family, development of SLG46533V projects takes advantage of the easy-to-use GPAK development hardware and simple GUI interface of GPAK Designer, allowing engineers to quickly and easily implement new designs and respond to changing design requirements. Unique to this latest generation, designers now have the ability to perform on-board emulation, within their design, using I2C.
Implementing a Reset IC Function Using GreenPAK™
GreenPAK™ is an ideal solution for a fully customizable system reset IC. Adding an additional layer of stability to systems is made easy with GPAK’s programmable digital and analog components in incredibly small packages. Since GPAK is entirely implemented in hardware, there is never any worry of lock-ups or missed events.
Sine Wave Generator (AN-1111)
In this app note we will use pulse width modulation coupled with an external filter to create an approximation of a sine wave using a SLG46531V device. We will then interface with this GreenPAK™ using an Arduino Uno and have it play a short song. This functionality will be created by writing to several counters via I2C and triggering a note by toggling a GPIO.
Brushless DC Motor Control (AN-1114)
A GreenPAK™ configuration applicable for a single-phase BLDC motor is introduced using SLG46620V (GreenPAK4). For flexibility a VCO and PLL are incorporated in order to output the drive signals synchronized with the rotation angle. PWM soft start/stop operation is realized using counters and PWM controller.
Analog Decoder for Single Wire Multi-Key Detection (AN-1115)
This application note will explain how to build a multi-level comparator for single wire, multi-key detection using three components in GreenPAK™4: the ADC block, the digital comparator (DCMP) and the analog comparator (ACMP). This concept is useful when trying to decode an analog input voltage that varies with external circumstances.
Silego is participating in Electronica 2016, the leading international trade show for the electronics industry.  The trade show takes place in Munich on November 8-11.
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