August 2015
Featured Product - Programmable Mixed-signal Matrix

Silego’s GPAK family of NVM Programmable Mixed-signal Matrix devices is designed to easily integrate common discrete ICs and passive components into a single device. The SLG46110V brings the functionality and versatility of the GPAK family into the incredibly small 1.6 x 1.6 x 0.55 mm, 8-GPIO STQFN package. This enables designers to achieve a new level of miniaturization, further reducing power consumption, board space, and routing complexity. Aggressive, no nonsense, pricing of $0.12 @ 1Mu makes the SLG46110V an extremely cost effective new addition to the highly successful GPAK family, which has shipped more than 300 million units since inception four years ago.

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Product News
GreenFET3 SLG59M1563V
The SLG59M1563V has an RDSON of 22.5 mΩ. It supports up to 2.5 A continuous current, reverse blocking, and is packaged in a tiny 1.0 x 1.6 mm STDFN package. The integrated power switch includes advanced features such as a power good output, integrated discharge, and over-temperature protection.
Design Support
New Feature in GPAK Designer GUI in Release v.5.01
The Look Up Table (LUT) macrocells inside GPAK devices can implement various standard logic functions (such as AND, OR, etc.), as well as implement unique logic functions. The recent release of GPAK Designer v.5.01 includes a new feature in the Graphic User Interface (GUI) to make working with the LUTs even easier. With this new version, the GUI can optionally be set up to display the traditional symbols for the standard logic functions. This option may be helpful to make the overall logic design and logic flow easier. To implement, look for a check-box inside the properties window for each LUT, which allows you to control whether you see the rectangular symbol, or the logic specific symbol in the GUI.  In the future, we will have a global variable to select the default display option.
Download the latest version of GPAK Designer to access this and other new features.
Application Support
Power Sequencer using GPAK
Modern day electronics often have multi-core and multi-rail processors that require regulated power up sequencing for each rail in order to maintain proper operation. Some processors also require regulated power down sequencing for each rail in order to maximize processor life cycle. Silego’s GreenPAKs consist of various analog and digital building blocks called “macro cells”; the delay and look-up-table cells can be used to build highly intelligent sequencers with reconfigurable turn on and turn off sequence. This app note goes over 3 example designs.
GreenPAK Voltmeter with 2 digit LED Display
What started out as a 7-segment LED digit display decoder/driver became the basis of voltmeter development using a single GreenPAK IC. Based on this Voltmeter circuit, designs can be extended to Tachometer, Thermometer, and SPI to DISPLAY devices.
Rock Stars of Wearables

The Rock Stars of Wearables, organized by the IEEE Computer Society, will take place on 23rd September 2015 at the Brazos Hall in Austin, Texas. Silego product portfolio includes a variety of solutions for wearable devices.
IDF 2015

Meet us at the IDF 2015!
Intel Developer Forum (IDF), is a gathering of technologists to discuss Intel products and products based on Intel products. IDF will take place on Tuesday, August 18 - Thursday, August 20, 2015 at Moscone West Convention Center in San Francisco, CA.
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