December 2017

Dialog, the leader in AC/DC Rapid Charge™ solutions, announces its newest USB Power Delivery (USB PD) Rapid Charge controllers. The iW656P and iW657P manage the communication between travel adapter and mobile device and support USB PD 3.0 and Qualcomm Quick Charge 4+ fast charge protocols. Learn more about Dialog’s complete portfolio of Rapid Charge solutions. We support more smartphone fast charging protocols than any other supplier.
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Buck LED Driver with Best Deep Dimming Performance for Commercial Applications
Dialog's iW3638 is the deepest dimming second-stage buck driver on the market featuring virtually no flicker down to 1%. It is the ideal solution for applications including T8, 0-10V dimming, external fixture drivers and Smart LED lighting systems.

Dialog's fully certified Wireless Audio Module (SC14WAMDECT SF) is a wireless solution for Public Address or Tour Guide Systems.
This solution operates in the Interference free 1.9GHz (DECT) frequency band, has a long range of 
50 meters indoors and more than 300 meters line of side. It is handy for large tourist groups doing a city tour.
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Leading the wave of mobile devices with larger batteries that require shorter charging times, Dialog is offering a complete end
to end battery charging evaluation kit. Targeting mobile applications such as smartphones, tablets, and power banks, the kit gives customers a platform to fully validate their charging system and quantify their battery charging time. The kit is available to qualified customers by contacting marketing. 

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Overloaded power transformers experience operating temperature increases which negatively impact its lifespan. In this app note, you will learn how to design a power transformer overload protection system within a GreenPAK Configurable Mixed-signal IC.
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Frequency Doubler Using Configurable Mixed-signal ICs
Learn a practical method to double the frequency of a clock signal while ensuring 50% duty cycle. Using the GreenPAK SLG46621V, the design is cheaper than other solutions using voltage controlled oscillators and lower in noise than classic PLLs.
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Dialog Acquires LED Backlight Technology from ams AG

Dialog and Plantronics Make Noise with Advanced Audio Products– Electronic Design

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