February 2017
CMIC Asynchronous State Machines - A Lower Power, Simpler Alternative to MCUs
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When designing portable battery powered systems, size and battery life constraints are often the most severe challenges to overcome. 
Learn more about Silego’s approach to this problem using ASMs in configurable ICs.
Custom power sequencing designs are easy to implement in an extremely small area with GreenPAK. When paired with the tiny, ultra-low RDSON GreenFET™, power sequencing with Silego is an incredibly efficient solution. Now Silego offers a configurable power sequencing reference design and demo board to make these designs even easier.
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Many smartphone users desire low cost, high-efficiency portable chargers to support their highly active usage habits. While Application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) and Power management integrated circuits (PMICs) have the features needed to implement charger control circuitry, Silego offers a lower cost, more efficient alternative. Learn how to design a full featured, low-power, universal portable charger control circuit in just 2.0x3.0 mm and use the GreenPAK development kit to prototype your design in minutes.
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Design a circuit to control auto ranging of volt/current meter using SLG46621V’s. Automatic adjustment of the measurement range is possible without MCU intervention allowing for faster and more reliable signal scaling while freeing up MCU resources of a microcontroller and dedicated motor controller.
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Responding to many customer requests for circuit simulation macromodels, we’ve created a library compatible with either industry-standard PSpice or LTSpice circuit simulators.
Training & Events

Live Webinar

Asynchronous State
Machine vs Microcontrollers (Mar 1st, 4pm)

Learn design tradeoffs and tips to consider when choosing between a variety
of microcontroller options and doing the same job with an Asynchronous State Machine, or ASM.

Join the Next Mod the Future Hackathon, sponsored by Silego, March 11-12 in Schenzhen

"Configurability is the key to Innovation and Profitability" -
Speaker Mike Noonen

Mar 7-8 Brussels, Belgium.