January 2017
Learn how Silego progressed load switching with better process, smaller components, and safer designs – then watch competitive parts burn up when exposed to common power fault modes. 
January 31st, 2017 4:00PM PST.

In December, Silego sponsored the very first Motorola Smartphone Mod Hackathon. The 24-hour competition featured a dozen teams and participants from 5 different countries working through the night to create a winning Moto Mod concept for Moto Z. Great event and super job by Motorola, AngelHack and the innovative teams that used Silego Configurable Mixed-signal ICs to create very clever Moto Mods. Join us at the next Mod the Future Hackathon, January 21-22nd in San Francisco.

Silego held a "hands-on" PAK training at the Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose. Read what Max Maxfield, who joined our training, said about Silego's CMIC tutorial.


Unlike other products on the market with low RDSON/high IDS attributes, Silego announced five new, robust high-voltage/high-current HFET1 integrated power switches (IPSs) with built-in FET protection and designed for enterprise applications.
To address high-performance applications in enterprise computing, industrial, and in-cabin infotainment markets, these five new products cover 12 V and 24 V applications from 2.5 A to 6 A.

This training will highlight the advantages of using Silego GreenFET™ integrated power switches to save both power and board-space, and also provide consistent and adjustable voltage ramp rates on power supply systems.

This application note shows how an LCD display can be controlled via an Android application using Bluetooth. The SLG46620V GreenPAK™4 CMIC has been used as the main controller for the project.
Programmable Electronic based controls typically incorporate capability to accomplish safety functions. Though many MCUs in the market have class B category software mandated by IEC 60730 (to monitor failure of the MCU), there is a need for some use cases to have a double check mechanism for more reliability. For instance, consider the opening and closing operation of the gas valve actuator in a boiler. If the MCU controlling it fails, things could be catastrophic. Silego's SLG46531V monitors a "heartbeat" signal to decide the stability of the MCU.

Full-featured, power efficient systems often contain subsystems with different voltage requirements. For example, a wearable may normally operate at 1.8 V, but when charging, portions of the design will operate at the USB standard 5 V. Similarly, the display may operate at a different voltage than the sensors. Often, a number of discrete passive or fixed-function level shift devices are needed to make these voltage domains work together. With GreenPAK™, getting these different voltage domains working together, efficiently and with the flexibility of programmable mixed-signal, is made simple with any of our Dual Supply part numbers.

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