July 2015
Featured Product - Power Switch

Silego Technology, a developer of highly configurable and cost-effective mixed signal products, announced a new addition to its expanding dual-channel, self-contained integrated power-switch product portfolio. Adding reverse-current blocking to its feature set, the SLG59M1603V is optimized for low-voltage power-rail distribution, power-rail sequencing, or any other two-power-rail application where power flow from load to source cannot be allowed. The SLG59M1603V operates from 2.5 V to 5 V and, because of its proprietary and patented CuFET™ technology, is designed to handle continuous load currents up to 4.5 A per channel in a small footprint TDFN package.

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Product News
GreenPAK3 SLG46721V and SLG46722V
The SLG46721V and SLG46722V represent the high level of functionality, an increased number of I/Os per device (18) and the high level of performance in the GreenPAK family. Higher precision on the oscillator frequency and higher precision on the analog accuracy will dramatically expand the range of applications that can use the SLG46721V and SLG46722V as a replacement for discrete analog, digital and passive devices.
Discover our newly redesigned website!
Silego is proud to announce our redesigned website! It’s more than just improve the look and feel. With intuitive site mapping, product documentation is at your fingertips. Upgraded product pages and selector guides make it easy to find the exact product to fit your needs and discover new releases from our innovative product lines. Click here to view our new website!
Application Support
12 V / 5 V Power Mux
Silego’s GPAK (Programmable Logic) and GFET (Load Switch Logic) provide a simple, cost-effective solution for switching between supplies; they occupy the smallest area and can be programmed in seconds. Signals are super clean and have features like ramp rate control, multiple protection circuitries, and smallest packages available.
Rock Stars of Wearables

The Rock Stars of Wearables, organized by the IEEE Computer Society, will take place on 23rd September 2015 at the Brazos Hall in Austin, USA. The Silego product portfolio includes a variety of solutions for wearable devices.
IDF 2015

Meet us at the IDF 2015!
Intel Developer Forum (IDF), is a gathering of technologists to discuss Intel products and products based on Intel products. IDF will take place on Tuesday, August 18 - Thursday, August 20, 2015 at Moscone West Convention Center in San Francisco, CA.
Design Support
Developing GreenPAK4 projects is made simple with the easy-to-use GreenPAK4 development hardware and simple GUI interface of GreenPAK4 Designer, allowing our customers to quickly and easily implement new designs and respond to changing requirements.
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