July 2016

This latest generation device, including Silego’s new I2C block, introduces even more flexibility, functionality, and ease of design to the NVM programmable GPAK™ family of devices. The addition of I2C enables designers to read and change device configuration, such as analog comparator thresholds, on-the-fly. The I2C block can also act as a digital IO expander. Included in the SLG46533V are improved Counter/Delay blocks, featuring one-shot and frequency detect modes, as well as the capability to drive an external crystal oscillator. These new functionalities, along with the configurable digital and analog blocks seen in previous generations of GPAK, are all packed into a tiny 2.0 x 3.0 mm 20-pin STQFN with 18-GPIO.
Product News
Silego Introduces Quad Channel Operational Amplifier
The SLG88102 is a wide voltage range, 375 nA Quad Channel Operational Amplifier capable of rail-to-rail input and output operation. Each Amplifier can be individually powered down.
New Additions to GreenFET™ 3 Product Family
SLG59M1720V - A 1.4 mm², 18 mΩ, 2 A Integrated Power Switch with VS Slew-rate Control, Current-Limiting, and Thermal Protection. Fast VS Discharge on OFF.

SLG59M1721V -  A 1.4 mm², 18 mΩ, 2 A Integrated Power Switch with VS Slew-rate Control, Current-Limiting, and Thermal Protection.
Featured Independent Design House
Pringle Electronics Group
Pringle Electronics Group (PEG) primarily serves the Embedded Systems related industries providing hardware, software, FPGA and FPGA-SoC design and consulting services. PEG also provides product design services at the architectural, schematic and PCB design level for all types of systems.
Design Support
GreenPAK™ 3 Development Kit Now Includes SLG46108V
Like other devices in the GPAK family, development of SLG46108V projects takes advantage of the easy-to-use GPAK development hardware and simple GUI interface of GPAK Designer, allowing engineers to quickly and easily implement new designs and respond to changing design requirements.
Application Notes
Improving HFET™1's VIN Transient Protection (AN-1112)
Electrical transients in the form of voltage surges have existed in all electrical distribution systems. All electrical and electronic devices can be damaged by excessive voltage transients. The difference between them is the amount of energy they can absorb before damage occurs. Generally, surges occur in applications with inductive loads, such as motors, solenoids or relay coils when switched on and off. Inductive switching transients are silent killers of semiconductors as they often occur without advanced warning. In this application note, we represent a way to protect Silego’s HFET1 devices from inductive surges using simple TVS.
Security Door Lock with Keypad Entry (AN-1113)
This application note shows how to design a door lock that opens with a basic security code. The SLG46620V GreenPAK 4 CMIC, a 4x4 keypad, a driver and DC motor were used for this project.
How to Use Silego's Arduino Library with GreenPAK (AN-1107)
An Arduino Library allows a user to create a simpler program by offloading common functions and declarations into a separate library folder. In this case, we have created a library and a set of macros for each I2C-compatible GreenPAK device.
Custom Instrumentation Amplifier Design (AN-1106)
This application note describes some of the fine points of designing an instrumentation amplifier with op-amps. We will cover how to maintain good common-mode rejection and output signal linearity. In addition, we will explain various filters that can be integrated in the design to provide additional performance improvements. For our example, we use Silego’s SLG88102V ultra-low power, quad op-amp integrated circuit.
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