June 2016

Silego’s GPAK family of Configurable Mixed-signal ICs (CMICs) is designed to easily integrate common discrete ICs and passive components into a single device with programmable Non-Volatile Memory.
The SLG46108V brings the functionality and versatility of the GPAK™ family into the 1.0 x 1.2 x 0.55 mm, 6-GPIO STQFN package. The 1.8 V to 5 V VDD device contains: four Look Up Tables (LUTs), seven Combination Function Macrocells, three 8-bit counter/delays with external clock/reset, RC Oscillator (25 kHz / 2 MHz) and Power-On-Reset.
Product News
Silego Introduces New GFET™3 Integrated Power Switches and Advances the State-of-the Art in Low RDSON, High-Current Performance
Unlike other products on the market with similar RDSON / IDS performance, these new 4 mΩ, 2 A and 4 A GFET3 integrated power switches occupy only 4 mm² and incorporate valuable system-level features such as inrush current control, FET current monitoring, two-level current limiting and thermal shutdown protection.
Featured Independent Design House
Francesco Not
Francesco Not is an Italian consultant in the embedded electronics engineering field, actively helping customers to turn their ideas into products. His services include: mixed-signal hardware design, PCB layout, firmware and embedded software development, data and communication security consulting and project management.
Design Support
Weekly Training Classes
We offer regularly scheduled online training courses that cover a variety of topics and applications, each hosted by a topic expert. Currently available classes: Introduction to GreenPAK™; GreenPAK Development Tools; Introduction to GreenFET™.
Sensors Expo and Conference
Join us in the heart of Silicon Valley - June 21-23, 2016 at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California - to be part of the ONLY event where you can find solutions for your present sensing technologies while exploring sensing technologies that are driving tomorrow's solutions. Our company will be represented by David Chow, Silego's Applications Engineering Manager.
Application Notes
Mobile Dino Game (AN-1094)
With so many advances in phones and apps, the cell phone is often used more for mobile entertainment than for making calls. So it makes sense to free up an entire cell phone if a popular game can be implemented in simple hardware. The Silego Dino Game does just that, based on the Android OS – Google Chrome offline game.
Self-referencing Capacitive Touch Sensor (AN-1103)
Capacitive touch sensors are commonly used for human control interfaces. Being a nonmechanical system, they do not wear out like mechanical switches and are relatively low cost. This application note shows an improved capacitive touch sensing algorithm that can be implemented with any GPAK4 device.
I2C-Readable Analog to Digital Converter (AN-1102)
This app note will explain how to use GreenPAK to measure an analog voltage, convert it to a digital value using an 8-bit Analog to Digital Converter (ADC), transmit the data via I2C, and read the I2C command using an Arduino Uno Microcontroller.
I2C Level Shifter (AN-1104)
I2C level-shifters are very useful when two I2C-enabled devices need to communicate to each other across different voltage domains (VDD). Silego’s dual-rail programmable logic IC can be programmed to function as an I2C level-shifter. This application note explains how to build an I2C level-shifter that meets I2C Fast Mode specs, which has a max data rate of 400 kbps.
Get Paid for Developing GreenPAK Application Notes
Silego is offering compensation for written application notes based on the highly configurable GreenPAK product line. With the versatility of GreenPAK, there are an immense number of possible application notes. And there is no limit to the number of submissions!
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