March 2016

Silego’s new family of high-performance Integrated Power Controllers now include high-voltage capability for all high-side, 4.5 V to 24 V power rail applications up to 5 A. Using Silego’s proprietary MOSFET design, this new family of power control switches achieves ultra-stable 13.3 mΩ RDSON across a wide input/supply voltage range and over temperature. Using Silego’s proprietary CuFET™ technology, these new products require only a 4.8 mm² footprint and exhibit a low thermal resistance for high-current operation. Compared to discrete FETs currently used in high-voltage applications, Silego’s new HFET1™ products combine high-performance nFET structures, charge pumps, multiple protection, and control circuits into small-footprint, feature-rich, single-channel products.
Featured Video
Application Note: GPAK™ Interfacing a Sensor
This application example demonstrates how GPAK SLG46620 CMIC interfaces with a toy RC car for collision avoidance.
Featured Independent Design House
Resolution Engineering 
Resolution Engineering provides analog/digital, RF, and embedded systems design. Additionally, they offer firmware development, PCB layout and prototyping, and antenna design. Their specialty is the design of devices for wireless control, sensing, and data connectivity. They can assist with small portions of a design program, or provide full turnkey system development. The experienced engineers can handle projects of virtually any scope or size. 
Design Support
Weekly Training Classes
We offer regularly scheduled online training courses that cover a variety of topics and applications, each hosted by a topic expert. Currently available classes: Introduction to GreenPAK™, GreenPAK™ Development Tools, Introduction to GreenFET™.
Application Notes
Simple I2C IO Controllers with SLG46531 (AN-1090)
This app note explains how to use the SLG46531’s I2C macro-cell as an input/output controller. This is a convenient way to add additional inputs and outputs in an MCU system.
How to Change a GreenPAK Comparator's Threshold Voltage Using I2C (AN-1091)
This app note explains how to reconfigure the SLG46531’s registers via I2C. Specifically, it shows how to change the thresholds of the GreenPAK’s analog comparators to adjust the measurement window.
Multiplexing Two Power Rails Using a Dual Channel pFET IPS (AN-1096)
A number of devices use different voltage sources for operation. For example, tablets work from both an internal Li-chemistry battery and an external 5 V power supply during battery charging. In such devices it is very important to switch between two power rails without output voltage drop while preventing reverse current flow from the higher voltage rail to the lower voltage rail. Silego’s new dual-channel SLG59M1639V is an excellent choice for these types of applications.
Get Paid for Developing GreenPAK Application Notes
Silego Technology is offering compensation for written application notes based on the highly configurable GreenPAK product line. With the versatility of GreenPAK, the possible application notes are endless. And there is no limit to the number of submissions! 
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