May 2015
Featured Product - Power Switch

Silego Technology recently announced a novel, self-contained 3.8 mΩ power switch optimized for 3 V to 3.6 V power distribution and designed to handle continuous load currents up to 10 A. Based on its innovative CurrentPAKTM technology, the SLG6M6201V is the Company’s first fixed-configuration version of its highly successful, NVM-programmable CurrentPAK Configurable Mixed-signal IC, or CMIC.

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Product News
GreenPAK3 SLG46110V
The SLG46110V brings the functionality and versatility of the GPAK family into the incredibly small 1.6 x 1.6 x 0.55 mm, 8-GPIO STQFN package. This enables designers to achieve a new level of miniaturization, further reducing power consumption, board space, and routing complexity.
GreenFET3 SLG59M1557V
Being based on Silego’s proprietary sub-micron CuFET technology, with an integrated level shift function, the SLG59M1557V perfectly finds its application in wearable and ultra-low power portable electronics.
Application Support
Constant Current LED Driver
LEDs are current-driven devices whose brightness is proportional to their forward current. Forward current can be controlled in two ways. The first method is using the LED voltage and current curve to determine what voltage needs to be applied to the LED to generate the desired forward current. The second, preferred method of regulating LED current is to drive the LED with a constant-current source.

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Design Support
We offer regularly scheduled on-line training courses that cover a variety of topics and applications, each hosted by a topic expert.
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