May 2016

Silego Technology recently announced an expansion of its state-of-the-art PFET integrated power controller portfolio with a new family of self-powered, 1.6 mm², single-channel and dual-channel very low-power controllers with reverse-current protection. Designed for all high-side, 1.5 V to 5.5 V power rail applications, these new PFET power controllers achieve an ultra-stable 23 mΩ RDSON over temperature. Using Silego’s proprietary CuFET™ technology, these new products can handle load currents up to 4 A and exhibit low thermal resistance. The reverse-current protection feature is very useful in applications where a VOUT-to-VIN backfeed current to the VIN power source is to be avoided.
Product News
Silego Announces a Dual 375nA Op Amp with Independent Shutdowns
The new SLG88101 is a dual operational amplifier with independent shutdowns. This op amp pairs nicely with our ultra-low power GPAK™ mixed-signal matrix products. For example: our new GPAK5 with its zero static power and zero code asynchronous state machine can easily make decisions from the analog signals received from the SLG88101 and issue digital commands consuming less than a combined total of 1uA.
Featured Independent Design House
Ouellette Consulting
Oellette Consulting provides services for analog and digital system design, simulation, fabrication and debugging including embedded, FPGA, mixed-signal PCB, and full-custom mixed-signal ICs. Oellette delivers innovative, robust electronic designs from concept through prototype to production for industrial, commercial, and military applications.
Phone: 617-379-2825
Design Support
Weekly Training Classes
We offer regularly scheduled online training courses that cover a variety of topics and applications, each hosted by a topic expert. Currently available classes: Introduction to GreenPAK™, GreenPAK Development Tools, Introduction to GreenFET™.
Application Notes
I2C Controlled State Machine (AN-1092)
One of the asynchronous state machine's "ASM" biggest benefits is decreasing the complexity of designs. The combination of the ASM and the I2C macro-cell gives the system engineer nearly unlimited flexibility in constructing their design. For example, counter timings, comparator thresholds, and look-up-tables can be changed during runtime. This application note shows how to reset and restart the state machine via I2C.
Tiny Metal Detector (AN-1095)
This GreenPAK application describes a short range metal detector useful for positioning proximity and robotics. Some examples include car doors, refrigerator doors, covers of various devices, lids, security interlocks, keys or locks. Typical implementations using optical couplers or inductive metal detectors usually result in relatively expensive components.
Get Paid for Developing GreenPAK Application Notes
Silego Technology is offering compensation for written application notes based on the highly configurable GreenPAK product line. With the versatility of GreenPAK, there are an immense number of possible application notes. And there is no limit to the number of submissions! 
Sensors Expo and Conference
Join us in the heart of Silicon Valley - June 21-23, 2016 at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California - to be part of the ONLY event where you can find solutions for your present sensing technologies while exploring sensing technologies that are driving tomorrow's solutions. Our company will be represented by David Chow, Silego's Applications Engineering Manager.
For more information, please contact Silego
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