November 2016
December 8th, 2016 11:00AM PST
Silego's advanced load switches enable ultra-low power system design in tiny board footprints. In the past 5 years, the proliferation of battery-powered portable applications has driven load switch research at Silego, resulting in products with size and performance advantages. These products arrive in tiny packages, while at the same time supporting higher current values. Choosing load switches that offer the right footprint and feature set, while ensuring proper safety protection, becomes increasingly important as systems become ever smaller and more powerful. Learn more about load switch advances, how load switches are used to improve product performance, and why selecting load switches with the right safety circuits is so important.

Silego will be offering a hands-on CMIC tutorial at ESC, "the industry’s largest, most comprehensive technical conference for embedded systems professionals".
This session will provide you with hands-on experience working with CMIC software and hardware development tools, and will cover:
- The capabilities of CMIC devices
- Some example CMIC circuits and applications
- Designing mixed-signal circuits and state machines
- Simulating and optimizing the design
- Programming the CMIC device
Meet Silego at CES, January 5-8 in Las Vegas. To set up an appointment, please submit a request.


Silego Technology’s SLG46125 offers the flexibility of GreenPAK
  Programmable Mixed-signal IC architecture with dual 45 mΩ / 2 A P-FET power switches. This newest GreenPAK can serve as an ultra-small power management IC which contains a rich set of features, including voltage monitoring, power sequencing, reset and power switches, that are configurable in settings and interconnect.

Unlike other products on the market with low RDSON/high IDS performance, Silego announced five new, robust GFET
3 and HFET™1 integrated power switches designed to operate over the -40°C to 125°C extended industrial temperature range.

The six new, feature-rich CMIC devices are designed to implement many system functions, such as system reset, power sequencing, voltage monitoring, and more, with minimal space and power overhead. New GreenPAKs offer Asynchronous State Machine, I²C, Dual Supply and more in 2.0 x 2.2 mm packages.


This application note shows how to make a car/robot controller with Bluetooth and an Android app. It is all done using a SLG46620V GreenPAK4 CMIC, HC06 bluetooth module, motor drivers and motors. 

How can you easily add new features when you've used all the IO available already? How can Silego expand the number of IO? With the new I2C block, GreenPAK makes an ideal GPIO expander allowing you to add new features, logic, timing, and sensing to already highly integrated designs.

The GreenPAK device can be used in high power applications by controlling a FET to drive a motor i.e. a PWM DC-DC buck converter. In this app note, Silego will show you how to design a programmable closed-loop speed-regulating PWM fan controller using RPM feedback and I2C.


Silego provides SPICE macromodels to enable designers to simulate features and functions of Silego's products. Currently, LTspice and PSpice simulation platforms are supported.

Silego teams up with new design partners in India and Vietnam: and VNPT Technology.


At electronica 2016, Silego Technology made several product announcements that Silego believes reinforces its position as a market leader in power products with advanced system features and NVM configurable mixed-signal. Mike Noonen spoke on a panel during the "IOT & Security" session and gave a presentation titled "Can Emerging Megatrends Ensure Innovative and Profitable IOT solutions?"

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