Design of mixed-signal circuitry can be inefficient, costly and time consuming. Come visit us at electronica to see how Silego's GreenPAK™ development platform revolutionizes the traditional mixed-signal design and prototyping process.
Learn about our newest GreenPAKs which are optimized for Power Management
Silego's newest GreenPAKs are small configurable power management ICs containing a rich set of features such as power monitoring, sequencing, reset
power switches and programmable low drop out voltage regulators, that are configurable in functions, settings and interconnect. These devices can be used successfully to augment the functionality of existing PMICs, creating "Flexible Power Islands", or as stand-alone devices replacing most or all of the components in a power system. Visit our booth to experience these new GreenPAK parts, and learn why so many designers are finding the popular GreenPAK products the path to small, high performance, and quickly configurable custom circuit solutions.

Can Emerging Megatrends Ensure Innovative and Profitable IOT Solutions?
Speaker Mike Noonen of Silego Technology hosts a discussion on configurable semiconductors, open source hardware and new business models as the key to new growth and sustainable profits. Attend this talk at Embedded Platforms Conference on November 9th 9:45am. Register Now

Announcing Extended Industrial Temperature Range Integrated Power Switches:
At electronica 2016, Silego will announce a number of new, low-RDSON integrated power switches fully characterized to 125°C, addressing embedded/enterprise computing and industrial applications up to 4A. These new products operating from 5V or 24V join its existing family of world class IPS products.

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