September 2015
Featured Product: Dual Supply Programmable GreenPAK

Silego’s GreenPAK4 family of NVM Programmable CMIC devices now features dual supply capability allowing designers to flexibly interface two independent voltage domains in their design using the programmable logic, timing, and analog components available on all GreenPAK4 family devices.
The SLG46621V is the first of many dual supply GPAK products on the Silego roadmap, and features an 8-bit SAR ADC, six analog comparators and a large assortment of logic and timing resources. The SLG46621V is available in a tiny 2.0 x 3.0 x 0.55 mm 20-pin STQFN.

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Product News
GreenFET3 SLG59M1446V
The SLG59M1446V is a full-featured dual channel integrated power switch packaged in an 8-pin STDFN 1.0 x 1.6 mm package. Each channel can be configured and enabled independently. This device features a linear voltage ramp even under dynamic loading conditions. The ramp rate on each channel independently adjusts using external resistors. The device can switch power rails in the range from 1.0 V to 5.0 V up to 1 A continuous current and 1.5 A peak current.
Application Support
High Speed Level Shifting With Dual Supply GreenPAK
Designs are growing in complexity, including different ICs in the same design which operate in different voltage domains. SOCs continue to lower their power supply voltage, while sensors tend to stay at higher voltages. Logic levels compatible at 5 V are incompatible with their 3.3 V counterparts. Multiple power rails increase the need to have interface chips that translate voltages from one level to another with sufficient speed.
GreenFET3 Integrated Power Switch (IPS) Basics
Silego’s GreenFET3 devices are feature-rich switches that include built-in protection circuits. IPS protection circuits such as active current limit operation, thermal protection operation, and short circuit operation are implemented to protect primarily any circuit downstream in the power path and secondly to protect the IPS. Silego offers a wide selection of single and dual IPSs, some of which also offer reverse current blocking. 
Design Support
GreenPAK Designer Comparison Tool
There is a new tool in GPAK Designer version 5.01 for comparing different projects to find differences. The tool is accessed from the “Tool” menu at the top, and when invoked, you get a window to select two different project sources for comparison. 
There are three options for the “Source 1” and “Source 2” projects, including the Current Project, a GPAK Designer file, and a text file. When you have selected these two sources, the tool will do a bit-by-bit comparison of the two sources, and highlight each bit difference. One way this tool can be useful is for verification of the contents of a programmed part, which can be either read back to a text file, or opened as a project.
Download the latest version of GPAK Designer to access this and other new features.
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